8000 series Blu-ray Disc player

Net TV, 3D playback, CinemaPerfect HD BDP8000/51

Frequently Asked Questions

My Philips player does not display HD resolution through Component Video connection

You cannot display a commercial content in HD resolution from the Blu-ray discs because they are copy protected. The Blu-ray player can only display 480p resolution through component video connection. If you wish to display the content in HD resolution, you may use the HDMI connection.

The information on this page applies to the following models: BDP8000/51 , HTS7140/51 , HTS7140/98 , HTS9140/51 , HTS9140/98 , HTS9520/51 , HTS9520/98 , BDP7500B2/98 , HTS5590/51 , BDP7500S2/98 , HTS5560/51 , BDP7500B2/51 . more less

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