Steam Generator Iron

    • Powerful steam removes wrinkles fast
    • Greatly reduces your ironing time
    • OptimalTemp technology guarantees no burns on all ironable clothes

    Integrated Ironing Board

    Integrated Ironing Board PerfectCare Elite
    • Ultimate ironing with our best technology
    • Interactive ironing board for superior results
    • Quickly folds and rolls for easy storage

    Garment Steamer

    • Perfect solution for quick crease removal
    • Ideal for delicate or difficult-to-iron clothes
    • Refreshes garments and removes odors

    Steam Iron

    • Iron away wrinkles fast with powerful steam
    • Safely iron from jeans to silk with OptimalTemp
    • Smart innovations for faster and better ironing

    Dry Iron

    • Non-stick soleplate coating
    • Smoothly glides over clothes
    • Lightweight and easy to use


    • Enhance your ironing with innovative Philips accessories
    • Make clothes and fabrics look like new with our fabric shaver
    • Find replacement parts for Philips irons and ironing boards

    Ironing Board

    Ironing board
    • Innovative designs and features
    • Top quality, comfort and performance for easy ironing
    • With designs for steam generators and steam irons

    PerfectCare with Optimal Temp


    The best irons with no temperature settings

    How to descale your Philips iron


    Irons that work with steam build up calc or scale. If you do not regularly descale, you will get white/brown stains on your clothes - and the steam will not operate to its maximum power. We recommend regular descaling, especially when you have hard water. Click below to find out how to descale your specific Philips iron.

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