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Philips Avent pacifiers natural development

Supports natural palate development

Philips Avent Pacficier Orthodontic Durable

Orthodontic and durable

Philips Avent Pacifier BPA Free

BPA free


Sizes from 0-2 months
Philips Avent Newborn Pacifiers 0 to 2 months
From*: Rs.405.00
  • Meet Mini, a pacifier we designed especially for tiny babies. The extra small and lightweight shield fits your newborn baby perfectly, without touching the nose.


Sizes from 0-3+ months
Philips Avent  Soothie 0 to 3+ months
  • Soothie is our one-piece pacifier made with medical grade silicone. A finger-shaped opening on the front lets your little one enjoy the natural comfort of your finger at the same time.


Sizes from 0-18 months
Philips Avent Comfort Pacifiers 0 to 18 months
Suggested retail price: Rs.405.00
  • A great all-rounder for everyday comforting needs. With glow-in-the-dark designs, it's always easy to find the Classic at night.


Sizes from 0-18 months+
Philips Avent Freeflow Pacifiers 0 to 18 months
From*: Rs.295.00
  • Some skin can be more sensitive than others. Our Freeflow pacifier is designed to promote extra air flow and minimize skin irritation.
* Suggested retail price

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Sometimes you just need some comfort. Pronto. To help calm your baby quickly and gently, we designed the Soothie: a pacifier that lets you offer the natural comfort of your finger at the same time."

Philips Design team

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Number one brand recommended by Mums


A little bit of comfort goes a long way when you’re getting to know the world. Our range of orthodontic pacifiers is designed to comfort your baby naturally—every step of the way. Of course, comfort is personal, so you’ll find a wide variety of pacifiers to suit your baby’s unique needs. From newborn to toddler, glow-in-the-dark to extra airf low, and endless cute designs, Philips Avent has a little bit of comfort for every baby's needs. 


1 Based on December 2015 GemSeek online satisfaction survey conducted among more than 9,000 female users of childcare brands and products.

2 85% of mums surveyed perceive this pacifier softer than eight comparable models of other leading brands, independent research, USA Feb 2017.

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