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Philips avent cup is leak proof


Philips avent cup is easy to hold

Easy to hold

Philips avent cup is bpa free

BPA free

Spout Cup

6+ months
Philips avent straw sippy cups 6 months 9 months

Unfortunately this product is no longer available

From*: Rs.595.00
  • Our angled spout and spill-proof valve make it easy for your little one to comfortably take their first sips without the mess.

Straw Cup

12+ months
Philips avent straw sippy cups 9 months 12 months

Unfortunately this product is no longer available

From*: Rs.449.00
  • Take the next step with our 100% leak-proof straw sippy cup. Our straw cup has a dentist recommended design that lets your baby excercise mouth muscles and build oral strength.
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We designed our sippy cup range so it's easy to mix and match tops and bottoms.

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#1 brand recommended by moms worldwide

Toddler sippy cups

While you may miss the days when they relied on you for everything, your baby is growing up, and with that comes independent drinking. With our wide variety of leak proof, and BPA free trainer cups, spout cups, and straw cups, your baby can continue to show off their increasing physical skills – and gain the self-confidence of independence too!


1 Based on December 2015 GemSeek online satisfaction survey conducted among more than 9,000 female users of childcare brands and products.

Philips Avent's Baby Sippers Online

A baby sippy cup is a simple device. It prevents spills, while keeping your baby hydrated. It is small, and consists of a bottle, lid, and spout, so that your baby is eased into independently hydrating themselves.  So why should we complicate it? Philips Avent makes it easier for both baby and mom, with a wide array of baby sippers online. There is a baby sipper water bottle for every age group, starting from 4 months and going on up to 9 months and above.


What are the types of baby sippy cups?

There are several types of sippy cups that support different growth stages of the baby. A trainer cup is used for 4-month-old babies, who have just learnt to sit upright with some support. These have a familiar nipple, and soft handles, so the baby can practice their motor skills while suckling in comfort. A baby who is at 6 months will be able to sit on a high chair and use a spout cup, which has a soft, flexible spout. They will practice a sucking drinking motion, rather than suckling.

Next, for the crawling 9-month-old baby, is the straw cup – a natural upgrade. Drinking from a straw helps your child develop an advanced oral motor skill that they will use for the rest of their life. Finally, there’s the grown-up cup, a sipper for toddlers. It has a unique lip activated valve, which allows your toddler to drink without spilling a single drop. It is leak free and comes with a hygienic lid.


Why should you use baby sippy cups? 

Baby sippy cups help teach essential life-skills to a baby. They learn to drink independently, while simultaneously practicing correct oral movements through straws or spouts. Sippy cups can first be introduced by mixing a little breast milk with the water, as it is easier for babies to transition with a familiar taste.


Why choose Philips Avent’s sippy cups? 


To make sure you buy the best baby sipper online, make sure you purchase from Philips Avent. Why? We make sure all our sippy cups are 100% BPA free, while being easy-to-hold and completely leak-free. In addition to that, all our sippers are compatible with interchangeable, so you can mix and match to suit your toddlers needs. Philips Avent has a proven track record of helping moms in every step of the motherhood journey. A comprehensive product portfolio ranging from breast pumps to pacifiers to sippy cups – and everything in between! Philips Avent stands for safety and comfort- every step of the way. 

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