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Die von Müttern am häufigsten empfohlene Marke
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Single Electric Breast Pump

Convenient and natural milk expression

MRP: Rs.12,995.00

Philips Avent Electric breast pump

When you are comfortable and relaxed, your milk flows more easily. That is why we created our most comfortable breast pump yet: Sit comfortably with no need to lean forward and let our soft massage cushion gently stimulate your milk flow.

More comfortable pumping position due to unique design

Gentle stimulation mode and 3 pump settings

Soft massage cushion with warm feel

Compact lightweight design

Easy operation and cleaning

More than 70% moms find breastfeeding challenging.

-Away from baby

-Engorgement/breast pain

-Longer feeding sessions

How our breast pumps can help you

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pump assembly

How to assemble Philips Electric Breast Pump

smooth expression

How to have smooth expression in Philips Avent manual pumps

expressing milk

How to increase comfort in expressing milk from Philips Avent Electric Breast Pump

right quantity

How to express milk in right quantity

breastfeeding video thumbnail

How to express/feed milk from both Breasts

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    Breast pumps and care

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Die von Müttern am häufigsten empfohlene Marke

Breast pumps and care

In today’s day and age , it isn’t always possible to breastfeed your baby while balancing the other parts of your life. That is why Philips Avent manual and electric breast pumps help you pump more milk, more comfortably, anywhere and everywhere you need – with a wide range of products to meet all your needs, all clinically guaranteed for assured safety.


1 Based on December 2015 GemSeek online satisfaction survey conducted among more than 9,000 female users of childcare brands and products.

Feed Your Baby with Philips Avent's Breast Pumps 

If you’re looking for a breast pump, rest assured that Philips Avent range of breast pumps are the best for every need. With a variety of options to suit a variety of requirements and rigorous testing, you can rest assured that you’re making the right choice.


Why should you use breast pumps?

Breast pumps are not meant to replace the feeding routine. Rather, they can aid in addressing several other issues with feeding. For example, if you have a low supply of breast milk, you can pump your breast milk and store it for later as a supplement for when the baby is hungry. Breast pumping also gives you a sense of control as you can establish a regular feeding schedule, as opposed to feeding on demand.

By giving yourself breaks in your feeding schedule, you can find more time to do things for yourself, which is essential to your wellbeing. Breast pumping also helps with preventing sore, bleeding, or cracked nipples; which is often the case with breastfeeding. Alternatively, after every feeding session with your child, you can pump more breast milk to increase your supply.  If your baby has a difficult time latching onto the breast, it is a sign that maybe the baby can be bottle-fed after a breast pumping session. Breast pumps are essentially just breast-feeding machines.


Difference between electric and manual breast pumps? 

There is a plethora of breast pumps online, but the primary categories are electric and manual breast pumps. Electric breast pumps are more efficient as they help you express milk in a shorter period of time but are difficult to carry around. They consist of more moving parts, so it won’t be as easy to carry around.

However, they are a great choice for moms who want to pump at least once a day so they can express more quickly than a manual pump and focus on other tasks. Manual breast pumps might be more work, but they are portable and great for the mom who is on-the-go. Women who don’t plan on pumping every single day can easily get by with a manual breast pump.


Is it safe for the mother to use breast pumps? 


whatever you decide to purchase, be assured that you’re buying the best breast pump there is. If used properly, breast pumps are perfectly safe for both mom and baby. It is important to ensure that the correct procedure and parts are used at all times for maximum effectiveness and minimal side effects in the long term.

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