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What types of USB or HDD devices are supported by my Philips player?

If there is a USB connector in the front of the device, USB flash drive or HDD is supported.

Requirements of the USB flash drive / HDD are as follows:

File format
FAT16 or FAT32 or NTFS

Memory capacity
No limit

Power Supply to the HDD
If a HDD with USB power peak current higher than 500mA is used, a separate power supply for it may be needed. Please consult the user manual of the HDD for detailed information.

Tip: For optimal connection, do not use a hub.

The information on this page applies to the following models: DVP3856/94 , DVP3820/94 , DVP3828/94 , DVP3826/94 , DVP3886X/94 , DVP3888K/94 , HMP3000/98 , DVP3858X/94 , DVP3888KX/94 , DVP3868GX/94 , DVP3868G/94 , BDP5200/51 , BDP3100/94 , BDP8000/51 , BDP2700/51 , BDP7500B2/98 , BDP7500S2/98 , BDP7500B2/51 , BDP3100/98 , DVP3000K/69 . more less

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