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What is the Parental rating on some DVDs?

Some DVDs may have a parental rating level assigned to the complete disc or to certain scenes on the disc.

The “Parental” feature in your player lets you set the playback limitation level. You can prohibit the playing of certain discs that are not suitable for your children or have certain discs played with alternative scenes.

The rating levels are from 1 to 8. They are country dependent; but in general their explanations are as follows:


  • Kids material; recommended especially for children and viewers of all ages.

2) G

  • General Audience; recommended as acceptable for viewers of all ages.

3) PG

  • Parental Guidance suggested.

4) PG 13

  • Material is unsuitable for children under age 13.

5-6) PGR, R

  • Parental Guidance - Restricted; recommended that parents restrict children under 17 from viewing or allow to view only when supervised by a parent or adult guardian.

7) NC-17

  • No children under age 17; not recommended viewing for children under age 17.

8) Adult

  • Mature materials; should be viewed only by adults due to graphic sexual material, violence or language.

Once a parental rating level is set, DVDs that are rated above that level will not play unless you enter your four-digital password and choose a higher level rating.

(The parenting rating level and the password can be set in the “Preference page” in the menu of the player, only when no disc is in the player or when playback has stopped completely).


  • VCD, SVCD and CD have no parent rating level indication, so parental control function has no effect on these kinds of discs. This also applies to most illegal DVD discs.
  • Some DVDs are not encoded with a rating though the movie rating may be printed on the Disc cover. The rating level feature does not work for such Discs.

The information on this page applies to the following models: DVP3856/94 , DVP3608/94 , DVP3820/94 , DVP3828/94 , DVP3826/94 , DVP3886X/94 , DVP3888K/94 , DVP3858X/94 , DVP3888KX/94 , DVP3868GX/94 , DVP3868G/94 , DVP3526/94 , MCD183/98 , MCD170/98 , FWD398/98 , FWD397/98 , MCD396/98 , MCD716/98 , FWD872/98 , MCD706/98 , FWD185/94 , FWD20/98 , MCD196/98 , FWD876/98 , FWD832/98 , FWD185/98 , AZ5737/98 , FWD186/98 , MCD700/98 . Show more product numbers Show less product numbers

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