Philips LCD TV 37PFL5405H 94 cm (37") Full HD 1080p digital TV with Pixel Plus HD



My picture format keeps changing with different channels. How can I set a specific format?

When the TV picture format is set to [Auto zoom], the picture will be displayed according to the broadcast format, i.e. TV will display a 4:3 broadcast in the 4:3 format and a 14:9 broadcast in the 14:9 format.

If you wish to set a specific format, press the [Adjust] button on the remote control repeatedly to select [Widescreen] option or any other format that you feel comfortable with in the list of available formats and press the [OK] button .


  • This TV does not have a 4:3 option in the list of available formats. If you want to view TV channels or material from other sources according to the broadcast format, you need to set the picture format to [Auto zoom]

  • If the picture from external sources does not display in the correct format, you have to set the format on the external device

The information on this page applies to the following models: 37PFL5405H/12 , 42PFL5405H/12 .

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