102 cm (40"), Full HD 1080p 40PFL6605/98


How to access teletext mode in my Philips TV?

Follow these procedures to access teletext mode:

1) Press the [Menu] button on the remote control to display the browse TV menu.
2) Select [Text] and press the [OK] button to enter teletext mode.
3) Your TV will display a message “No Text available” when the teletext is not broadcast.

In teletext mode, you are able to access the advanced teletext features via the teletext options menu.

1) Press the [Options] button on the remote control to display the options menu.
2) Use the [Cursor buttons] to select an option of your choice and press the [OK] button to confirm.

  • [Freeze page] Freezes the current page
  • [Dual screen]/[Full screen] Enables and disables dual screen teletext, which splits the current channel or source to the left of the screen, with teletext on the right
  • [T.O.P overview] Table Of Pages (T.O.P.) teletext broadcasts allow you to jump from one subject to another without using page numbers. T.O.P. teletext is not broadcast on all TV channels
  • [Enlarge]/[Normal view] Enlarge the current page
  • [Reveal] Hides or reveals hidden information on a page, such as solutions to riddles or puzzles
  • [Cycle sub-pages] Cycles through sub-pages automatically if sub-pages are available
  • [Language] Switches to a different language group to display a language correctly when that language uses a different character set

3) To exit teletext mode, press the [Back] button on the remote control.

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