HEPA filter

    HEPA filter

    Healthy air always

    The Philips HEPA filter effectively filters out ultrafine particles larger than 20 nanometers including allergens, bacteria and some viruses*. The antibacterial coating eliminates germs and mould.

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Healthy air always

HEPA filter for pure air

  • Healthy air protect alert warns you when to replace filter

    Healthy air protect alert warns you when to replace filter

    Healthy air protect alert gives you a timely warning when to replace the filter. When the filter is not replaced in time, the appliance stops functioning to avoid running with no effect since filter is full. It is your assurance of healthy air always.

  • Filters out ultrafine particles >20 nanometers*

    *In combination with the multi-care filter, the HEPA filter filters out ultrafine particles >20 nanometers including bacteria, dust, allergens and some viruses. According to publications of World Health Organization, the avian influenza, human influenza viruses and Legionella bacterium are larger than 20 nanometers.

  • Eliminates germs and mould with antibacterial coating

    Filters out germs and mould as well as ultrafine particles >20 nanometers. Prevents bacteria from proliferation. HEPA filter can also filter off those particles left behind by multi-care filter.

  • Healthy air protect lock ensures healthy air always

    Healthy air protect lock function ensures you healthy air always. It shuts off the purifier when healthy air can no longer be guaranteed. When one of the filters is almost full and has to be cleaned or replaced, the Healthy air protect alert warns you to replace or clean filter. When users do not replace concerned filter, the appliance stops operating and the appliance is locked. For Philips air purifier AC4072, AC4074, AC4083, AC4084, AC4085, AC4086

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  • According to the 2008 Microbiological Risk Assessment Report of the World Health Organization (WHO), the avian influenza, human influenza viruses, Legionella, Hepatitis viruses and SARS coronavirus are larger than 0.02 micron.

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