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How does the air you breathe indoor compare to outdoor air?

Do you know that the air inside our homes can be 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air, according to the World Health Organization*?


Outdoor air pollution can easily enter your home when the windows and doors are open. But even when they are closed, natural ventilation can bring in allergens and small particles – under 2.5 micrometers – into your home.

Pollen is a common indoor allergen released by trees, weeds and plants that can trigger allergy symptoms. Another indoor allergen is dust, which contains dust mites, outdoor minerals, and other particles that can trigger severe allergic reaction and asthma.

Indoor pollutants can result from cooking, cleaning and having a household pet. New indoor decorations and furnishings may release gases and volatile organic compounds.


To keep molds, bacteria and viruses from growing, the humidity levels of your home should be 40-60%. A well-humidified room makes the air more comfortable to breathe and helps keep skin from drying out.


*Actual values were indoor/outdoor ratios of 1.62–6.37 for the summer months and 2.05–10.99 for the winter months. Text and Figure from: T. Salthammer Angewandte Chemie Int. Ed. 52, (2013), 3320; Original data from: B. Wang et al. / Atmospheric Environment 41 (2007)2851–2861.

Our air purifier technology removes

Take charge of the air you & your loved ones breathe indoors


Clean and optimally humidified air at home is an important part of good health.

Vita shield
VitaShield IPS – remove ultrafine particles as small as 20 nanometers (0.00002 mm) in size, including bacteria, dust, allergens and viruses.
Aera sense
AeraSense – cutting-edge sensing technology with accurate and effective performance that can be benchmarked against a professional sensor.
Nano cloud
NanoCloud – a unique humidification technology that maintains comfortable moisture levels in the home using a natural process.
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Tested by ECARF for Allergy Sufferers

A clinical test carried out by ECARF, one of the world’s leading organizations in allergy research, has found that pollen allergy sufferers using the Philips Air Purifier experienced significantly fewer symptoms of pollen allergy like sneezing, tearing, eye redness, itchy nose, itchy skin and rhinorrhea.
* After 90 minutes exposure using Philips air purifiers, compared to exposure without a filter - Clinically tested by ECARF

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    Air purifiers

    Did you know… air in your home can be 10-30% dirtier than outdoors. Philips air purifiers quickly remove pollen, pet hair, bacteria and more. Get the details!

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    Dry air in your home irritating your skin, nose and throat? Add humidity – hygienically and naturally – with Philips NanoCloud humidifiers. Find out more!

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    Worried about your home’s indoor air quality? Remove indoor pollutants and improve air quality with our air purifiers, humidifiers and air washers. Learn more.


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