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How do I get the best results with my Philips Shaver?

Published on 15 May 2024
To get the best results from your Philips shaver, please refer to the guidance and techniques outlined below.

Pro tip: if your Philips shaver doesn't shave as closely or as well as it used to, removing and thoroughly cleaning the shaving heads can help to restore peak performance. 

Prepare your shaver

A close, comfortable, and hassle-free shave starts with a well-prepared shaver. For that reason, we recommend cleaning your shaver after each shave and ensuring the battery is charged and ready for your next session. Additionally, be sure to remove and thoroughly clean the shaving heads on a monthly basis.

A low battery and/or dirty shaving heads can reduce shaving performance, so it's worth taking the time to keep your shaver in top condition.

Please refer to the video below for an overview of the information contained in this section (while shaver models differ, the same principles apply to all Philips shavers. Read the information below in full for more details).

Tip: after tapping/clicking to start the video, tap/click the cog icon at the bottom of the video to enable subtitles for your language (if needed).

Allow your skin an adjustment period

If you using a new Philips shaver for the first time, your skin may need some time to adapt to it. This means that your skin may look or feel slightly irritated after the first few shaves. Use your Philips shaver on a regular basis for at least 21 days and give your skin time to adapt.

After shaving, use a gentle moisturizer, aftershave lotion, or balm to sooth irritated skin.

Pre-trim long facial hair

Cutting long facial hair with a shaver can be uncomfortable and lead to an uncomfortable pulling sensation.

That's why Philips recommends pre-trimming your facial hair if you have not shaved for a few days or have a dense beard.

Some Philips shavers come with a trimming attachment that you can use to trim. Alternatively, you can use a standard beard trimmer.

Be gentle when shaving

While shaving, it is important to be gentle, particularly if you have skin that's sensitive or prone to irritation. Hold the shaving heads firmly but gently against your skin, allowing the shaver to glide across your skin.

Gentle pressure also reduces friction between the shaver and your skin, resulting in a more comfortable shave.

Tips for wet shaving

Note: always check that your shaver is suitable before shaving with water and foam/gel. Suitable shavers can be identified by the tap or bathtub symbol on the back of the handle or by checking the user manual.

When using your Philips Shaver with a foam or shaving gel:
  • Wash your face with soap or a facial cleaner before you begin shaving
  • Apply your favorite shaving gel or foam to your face and neck
  • Move your shaver in tight circles and glide it across your skin. This ensures that hairs growing in different directions are removed
  • Minimize the number of times the shaver goes over the same area
  • Rinse excess foam or gel off the shaving heads as you shave to help keep the blades clear.
Wet shaving with a Philips shaver

Tips for dry shaving

If you are shaving without water or shaving foam/gel:
  • Wash your face with some water and soap/facial cleanser before you shave
  • Allow at least 15 minutes for your skin to dry completely before you start shaving
  • Move your shaver in tight circles and glide it across your skin. This ensures that hairs growing in different directions are removed
  • Minimize the number of times the shaver goes over the same area
For more shaving tips, download the GroomTribe Styling and Shaving app available in the Google Play App Store and the Apple App Store

The information on this page applies to the following models: S5582/20 , S1121/45 , S3122/55 , S1323/45 , S1223/45 , S1223/40 , S3122/50 , S3561/13 , S3350/06 , S1030/04 , S1070/04 , S3350/08 , S5050/06 , S7320/12 , S5420/06 , AT891/16 , AT621/14 , AT620/14 , AT756/16 , AT600/15 , AT610/14 , AT750/16 , AT890/16 , RQ1250/16 . Click here to show more product numbers Click here to show less product numbers

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