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Saeco Intelia Super-automatic espresso machine

Vestibulum One touch Espresso and Cappuccino


Only the Saeco Intelia super-automatic espresso machine offers you the perfect Espresso experience, easy to use, easy to customize, easy to clean. Prepare perfect Cappuccino or Espresso with just a touch of a button.


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Seaco Ceramic grinder

Ceramic grinder


Unlike conventional super-automatic espresso machines with a steel grinder, all Saeco machines use a robust, 100% ceramic grinder to adjust the grind for maximum flavour. A fine-grind for a full-bodied espresso or a coarser grind for a lighter-tasting coffee. There are 5 settings to play with and thanks to the ceramic material – no more burnt coffee taste.


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Hygienic steam cleaning carafe


Maintaining high hygiene in the milk carafe of an automatic espresso machine has never been this easy. Thanks to the Steam Cleaning Cycle, the integrated milk frother will be automatically cleaned, removing milk residues without the need to empty the carafe. The hygienic performance is certified by the independent German test institute, VDE and will ensure a tasty Cappuccino every time.

Saeco AquaClean water filter

AquaClean water filter


Make up to 5,000 cups* without having to descale thanks to this advanced filter which purifies the water using 3 unique technology features. The micro-porous filter prevents impurities from contaminating the water; ion-exchange technology removes calcium from the water before it enters your coffee machine; and the patented flow means water takes a longer path before entering your super-automatic espresso machine, ensuring a deeper purification. For hassle-free, fine-tasting coffee, simply replace the filter every 3 months.

* Based on 0.1 liter cups and 8 filter replacements as indicated by the machine


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Innovation is at the heart of every Saeco coffee machine. Loaded with technology, Saeco’s super-automatic espresso machines can deliver a perfect espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato and more at the touch of a button. While its manual machines make it possible for coffee lovers to prepare an authentic Italian espresso – with a long-lasting delicious crema – the traditional way.


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