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How do I clean my Philips facial hair remover?

Published on 26 April 2023
Clean your Philips facial hair remover after each use to maintain its performance. Follow the steps below to clean your device.

1. Blow away loose hairs on the outside of the shaving head.
2. Remove any remaining hair left on the shaving head with a small brush. Once the outside of the head is clean, proceed to clean the inside of the shaving head.
3. Remove the shaving head by twisting the head off counterclockwise. 
4. Blow away and brush any remaining hair inside the shaving head.
5. Proceed to clean the hair chamber. Blow away and brush any remaining hair remaining inside the chamber.
6. Place the hair removal head back onto the handle and turn it clockwise.
6. Put the protection cap back on the device to protect the shaving head from damage.

To thoroughly clean your device, soak the shaving head separately in lukewarm water with hand soap—rinse and air dry ensuring the handle is dry before reattaching. 
Cleaning Philips Facial Hair Remover

The information on this page applies to the following models: BRR454/00 .

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