Avent Freeflow pacifiers

Soothe with the comfort of air, 0-6m, Orthodontic & BPA-Free, 2-pack SCF172/01

Frequently Asked Questions

How to stop using Philips Avent pacifiers

As your baby becomes a toddler they may start to only need their pacifier at particular times. Find out when and how to stop using the Philips Avent pacifier.

Allow until 36 months

We advice parents to allow pacifier usage until the child is 36 months old. On our website we support parents in the journey to stop using the pacifier.

All our Philips Avent pacifiers can be used untill the age of 18 Months. For older children, we recommend to use our Freeflow 18 Months+ pacifier.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SCF172/01 , SCF172/02 , SCF186/27 , SCF186/28 , SCF151/03 , SCF172/12 , SCF172/13 , SCF172/14 , SCF172/15 , SCF172/18 , SCF176/18 , SCF172/20 , SCF178/13 , SCF176/22 , SCF176/21 , SCF176/20 , SCF172/21 , SCF172/22 , SCF178/23 , SCF178/24 , SCF172/62 , SCF178/14 , SCF180/23 , SCF180/24 , SCF182/23 , SCF182/24 . more less

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