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    The 2000 Series is engineered with 3 smart presettings that you can choose from: Pollution, Allergen, and Bacteria & Virus modes. Activate the relevant automode, and ensure you and your family breathe cleaner air at home, always

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Healthier Air, Always

3 smart ways to optimize your purification

  • Low noise at Sleep Mode (20.5dba) - soft as a whisper

    Low noise at Sleep Mode (20.5dba) - soft as a whisper

    When in Silent Mode, the Purifier turns down its fan speed and noise level to allow a comfortable night's sleep. The lights on the Purifier can also dimmed and/or turned off to suit your preference.

  • Smart light control: adjust light to suit your preference

    Smart light control: adjust light to suit your preference

    Both AQI and the light on the UI can be dimmed and/or turned off avoid light disturbance for consumers.

  • 3 smart presettings for different airborne pollutants

    3 smart presettings for different airborne pollutants

    Indoor PM2.5 levels can increase far above local guidelines because of activities like cooking. Our advanced sensing technology - AeraSense, accurately detects invisible indoor air pollutants in real time, and then auto-boosts the Air Purifier’s speed to reduce harmful particles, gases, for a cleaner air output.

  • Healthy air lock and alert for filter replacement

    With advanced AeraSense technology, the filter lifetime is accurately calculated based on indoor pollution level, air flow and operation time. The healthy air protect alert lets you know promptly when it is time to replace the filter. If the filter is not replaced promptly, the appliance stops functioning - to avoid ineffective purification. So you are assured of healthier air always.

  • VitaShield naturally purifies UFP as small as 0.02microns

    Vitashield IPS with its aerodynamic design and NanoProtect Filter has a boosted clean air delivery rate up to 344 m3/hr* (according to China GB/T 18801-2015). It can effectively remove ultra-fine particles as small as 20nm, effectively reduce harmful gases such as formaldehyde, TVOC and odor. Removes up to 99.9% bacteria and virus*.

  • Aerodynamic architecture boosts efficient airflow

    Aerodynamic architecture boosts efficient airflow

  • 3 smart presettings for different airborne pollutants

    Bacteria & Virus particles are the ones seldom detected by air sensors. Hence the most effective way to reduce these particles is to significantly boost the airflow and increase the air exchange per hour. This mode boosts the Air flow, then the high quality HEPA filter in the Purifier effectively captures the bacteria and virus by 99.9%, ensuring cleaner air output.

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  • Particle and formaldehyde CADR and CCM: tested by third party according to GB/T 18801-2008
  • 20 Nanometers: Tested by IUTA. According to 2008 Microbiological Risk Assessment Report of the World Health Organization (WHO), the avian influenza, human influenza viruses, Legionella, Hepatitis viruses and SARS coronavirus are larger than 20 nanometer (0,00002 mm).
  • Removes 99.97% particles: Tested in 2015 by 3rd party lab

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