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Hygienic and natural humidification

Automatic control and smart evaporation technology

The Philips Air Humidifier fights dry air with precision. It evenly distributes humidified air throughout the room and spreads 99% less bacteria than leading ultrasonic humidifiers.

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What’s the ideal humidity in your home?


Humidifying the air to a level of 40%-60% moisture minimizes the health problems that can be aggravated by dry air. This optimal range of humidity also prevents the growth of bacteria and molds – and makes indoor air much more pleasant to breathe.

Enjoy the comfort of healthy humidified air


Our bodies are about 60% water. So it’s no wonder that dry air in your home can cause irritation both in the winter, with the heat turned on, and in the summer, with the drying effects of air conditioning.


Because low humidity air contains less moisture, many people find it more difficult to breathe and often suffer from dry and itchy eyes, nose and throat. Breathing dry air makes it more difficult to sleep and can increase allergies, asthma and other respiratory issues. Bacteria and viruses can also thrive, and low humidity can mean dry hair and skin.

Healthy air with 99% less bacteria


Nothing could be simpler. The NanoCloud technology in our humidifiers uses a natural evaporation process to humidify your home’s air.


The water molecules are so small, they spread less bacteria* than humidity created by ultrasonic humidifiers.


*Based on emission of the bacterium Pseudomonas Fragi directly from clean units & filters, after 2 hours of continuous use, on the highest setting, using sterilized water spiked with said bacterium, in a 1 m3 chamber refreshed at 280 L/min, (74 gpm).

Prevents white dust and wet patches


Water can contain minerals, calcium and magnesium – and when water droplets land on your furniture, wall and floors, they can leave behind a white residue. Your new Philips Humidifier prevents this from happening.


The super fine, invisible mist created by our NanoCloud technology is too small to carry minerals. Instead, the minerals remain in the water tank where they belong (and where you can remove easily). And because the vapor is so fine, it stays suspended in the air longer and prevents wet spots on nearby surfaces.

Maintaining constant humidity - automatically


How do you like your humidity? Ideally, the humidity in your rooms should be 40%-60%. That’s the level that’s most comfortable – while inhibiting mold and bacteria growth.


The NanoCloud technology in your new Philips humidifier monitors the air and maintains a constant humidity. All you need to do is set your preference – 40%, 50%, or 60%. Or simply choose automode and your Philips humidifier will do the rest.



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Vita Shield

The technology inside – revealed


1. Natural evaporation process ensures optimized performance

2. Spreads less bacteria vs. leading cold-mist ultrasonic humidifiers

3. Prevents wet spots and white dust

4. Smart humidity control between 40% to 60%

5. No hot water preventing burns from hot water or warm steam

Used for more than a year at my home in Delhi , thanks to Philips for such an innovative product . Performance is excellent inside, almost closed room , allergy conditions of my father during summer and monsoon due to dust and smoke reduced dramatically following its regular use during night."


Product range

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Wick maintenance


Maintain your humidifier with the instruction from this instruction video or the user manual.



Humidification filter wick for air humdifier

The Philips humidifier wick filter provides sufficient water absorption and evaporation efficiency.

Unfortunately this product is no longer available

MRP: Rs.795.00

Registering and ordering wicks

By registering your new humidifier with Philips, you can easily find and order precisely the right replacement wicks. After all, keeping the wick up-to-date is the secret to cleaner air at home. You can also opt to receive email updates.

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