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How do I use my Philips Avent Essential electrical breast pump?

Published on 14 May 2023
Please follow the steps below to use your Avent Essential electrical breast pump.

These instructions apply only to breast pump model SCF323. To check which model you have, refer to the information on the motor unit or the box your product came in.
  1. Connect your assembled breast pump to a power source (figure 1). This pump must be connected to a power source during the whole session.
  2. Press the assembled pump against your breast. Make sure that your nipples are centered so that the massage cushion creates an airtight seal (figure 2).
  3. Press the power button. The display panel lights up for one second (figure 3). The breast pump automatically starts at the lowest level to stimulate milk flow. You will feel suction on your breast. The stimulation indicator lights up.
  4. You can choose your preferred suction level by pressing the level up and down buttons. You can also press the mode button to switch between stimulation and expression modes (figure 4).
  5. When you have finished, press the power button to turn off the breast pump. Disconnect it from the power source (figure 5). Carefully remove the pump body from your breast.
Tip: You do not need to use the highest expression level. Only use a level that is comfortable for you.
Tip: You can slide your finger between your breast and the massage cushion to break the vacuum seal.
Breast pump Essential use

The information on this page applies to the following models: SCF323/11 .

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