HR1887/80 Viva Collection Masticating juicer
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Viva Collection Masticating juicer


How do I prepare fruits and vegetables for my Philips Juicer?

If you want to know how to prepare fruits and vegetables before juicing with your Philips Juicer, please follow the instructions below.

Instructions to prepare fruits and vegetables for your Philips Juicer

Please follow the steps below to prepare your fruits or vegetables before juicing:

1. Wash the vegetables or fruits first.
2. Remove the peels of fruits or vegetables, which you would not normally eat.
3. Cut the vegetables or fruits into pieces that fit into the feeding tube of your Philips Juicer.

Note: Remove stones from cherries, plums, peaches and other fruits and vegetables with stones.You do not have to remove cores from fruits like melon, apples, and grapes.
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