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How do I use my Philips Auto Curler?

To find out how to curl your hair using the Philips Auto Curler please follow our instructions below.

Curling your hair with Philips Auto Curler

  1. Take a small strand of hair about 2-3 cm wide to curl. You can also use the sectioning tool provided with your auto curler to determine the correct amount of hair you should take for curling.

  2. Hold the auto curler vertically, close to your head, with its opening facing you.

  3. Twist your hair strand once. This will make it easier to insert it into the auto curler.

  4. Insert the hair into the curling chamber from the back opening.

  5. Press and hold the curling button located on the handle of your auto curler.

  6. Once your hair strand is curled, the auto curler will start beeping.

  7. After four beeps you will hear a click sound. This means your hair strand has been successfully curled. You can now let go of the curling button. Gently release your hair from the curler.

If you do not hear any beeps, this means your hair strand was not curled. Release the hair strand, and try inserting it again.

How to use the Philips Auto Curler

The information on this page applies to the following models: HPS940/00 .

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