UV water purifier

    Pure water or no water

    Pure water or no water with Power UV+ remove's bacteria and chlorine. Pure Protect Lock locks your water purifier from dispensing impure water, when the filter reaches lifetime or an error is detected in the purifier. See all benefits


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Pure water or no water

with Pure Protect Lock

  • Conforms to safety standards of Bureau of Indian Standards

    Product is certified according to microbiological performance standard BIS 14724 and Drinking water standard BIS 10500 by the Bureau of Indian Standards

  • Advanced UV technology and activated carbon to purify water

    Advanced state-of-the-art UV (PLS) technology destroys known waterborne viruses, bacteria,parasites and amoebae while the activated carbon and sediment filter removes turbidity, chlorine, volatile organic chemicals (VOC’s), cysts, larger micro-organisms and improves taste.

  • PowerSave ensures low electricity consumption

    This appliance has low electricity consumption and is rated at 25 watts. To make it even more energy efficient, the UV lamp switches off when the appliance has not been used for 10 minutes.

  • PureFlush flushes internal pipes and UV chamber of appliance

    At the push of button, PureFlush automatically flushes all internal pipes and the UV chamber of the appliance. Ideal for cleaning before first use, after every filter change and whenever the appliance has not been used for some time. Thanks to PureFlush, you can be sure of Pure water even if you have been away for a while.

  • PureProtect alert warns you when filter needs replacement

    After 2700 liters of water consumption, PureProtect alert sends out a signal. There will still be enough capacity for another 300 liters after the signal.

  • Tilt & Twist mechanism for easy filter replacement

    Replacing the filter is something you can easily do yourself thanks to the simple Tilt & Twist mechanism.

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