family hair clipper

family hair clipper

Stainless steel blades, 11 length settings, 60mins cordless use/8h charge, Thinning comb QC5132/15 Find similar products

Technical Specifications

  • Cutting system

    Cutting element
    Stainless steel blades
    Number of length settings
    Range of length settings
    From 3 to 21mm
    Cutter width
    Precision (size of steps)
    By 2mm
  • Power system

    Charging time
    8 hours
    Running time
    60 minutes
    Battery type
  • Ease of use

    Maintenance free
    No oil needed
    Dry cleaning with brush
  • Service

    2-year guarantee

What's in the box?

All items in the box

Other items in the box

  • Cleaning brush,
  • Hair-thinning comb,
  • Storage pouch.

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