Charged for life

    Get set for non-stop days with the Philips Xenium W6610’s ultra long talk and web browsing capabilities. Packing a powerful, built-in 5300 battery,1.3GHz quad core processor and 12.7cm qHD IPS display, it’s as energetic and efficient as yo See all benefits


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Xenium Smartphone

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Charged for life

  • Single click to access Power-saving mode

    Single click to access Power-saving mode

    This Power-saving switch may well be the most convenient feature on your Philips mobile phone. By clicking the button located on the side panel, you can enable this function to help preserve your phone battery. It will shut down the WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth functions, while dimming the screen display simultaneously. Besides avoiding the multiple clicks needed to do likewise on other phones, this clever yet convenient button is definitely a lifesaver for heavy phone users.

  • Fast charging - a time saver for urban life

    Fast charging - a time saver for urban life

    Revive your mobile phone with a quick zap thanks to this incredible feature. While conventional charging takes a few hours, fast charging means that you no longer have to fret about battery drain just before you dash out of the door for a string of important appointments. All you need is a few minutes on the plug before you tackle the day with the confidence that your phone can keep up. This potential life-changing feature could turn your life around.

  • Maximized performance with 1.3GHz quad core processor

    Maximized performance with 1.3GHz quad core processor

    Your Philips mobile phone now zooms along like never before, thanks to the powerful 1.3GHz quad core processor. This powerhouse keeps up easily with your multitasking demands at a much faster speed. Load web pages with lightning speed, watch uninterrupted videos plus get animations fast-and we mean fast! Gaming is seamless and immersive with exceptional picture quality.

  • Android 4.2

    Android 4.2

    Empowered by Android, your Philips mobile now comes with a fully customizable mobile platform that is open to a wide range of smart applications and functions. Find your pocket PC, games console and telephone all rolled conveniently into one.

  • Dual mode (WCDMA and GSM), dual coverage

    Dual mode (WCDMA and GSM), dual coverage

    Your Philips mobile phone incorporates two SIM cards to allow you access to WCDMA and GSM network connections at the same time. Now you can enjoy wider mobile coverage on two networks with just one phone.

  • Quality shots with 8 megapixel autofocus camera with flash

    Quality shots with 8 megapixel autofocus camera with flash

    Shoot like a pro on the go with the 8 megapixel autofocus camera on your Philips mobile phone. Capture life's fleeting moments - big or small - in crystal-clear quality and beam them to friends and family with pride. And a built-in flash means that you can take great photos even in dim lighting conditions -so you won't miss a memorable shot, night or day.

  • Up to 33 hours of talk time

    The phone can support up to 33 hours conversation on a single charge.

  • Enjoy up to 16 hours of web browsing

    Enjoy web browsing for up to 16 hours on a single charge.

  • Superlative 5300mAh built-in battery

    Your Philips mobile phone comes packed with a standout 5300mAh built-in battery for seamless and long lasting connections on the go. With such exceptional battery performance, you can banish nagging worries about missing important calls from both your professional and personal contacts. And when both work and family matters have been tackled to your satisfaction, you can hone in on transcendent gaming and surfing experiences on a single charge, thanks to the phone's best-in-class power technology.

  • 12.7cm qHD IPS display for rich viewing details

    Your Philips mobile phone comes endowed with an awesome 12.7cm qHD IPS display that will be the envy of all your peers. The IPS technology ensures great viewing from any angle, while the vibrant colors and vivid images render a full-bodied viewing experience. To top it off, navigating on the screen is also swift and effortless. Whether you are showing off your latest snapshots to friends or surfing your favorite websites, the 5" screen gives you an unbeatable visual treat while on the go.

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  • Specifications indicated are based on an initial full battery charge tested in a laboratory with Bluetooth and WiFi switched off. Actual performance will depend on network service provider and usage.
  • MicroSD memory card is not included.
  • All visuals provided are for reference purposes only. Actual product features such as phone colors and screenshots may vary from those pictured.
  • Availability of certain features is subject to valid service subscription from your network operator.

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