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How to record a programme? [HDD] - General

Published on 2017-10-04

Ensure that:
• The software on the TV is up to date
• The external hard drive has the following specifications:

- A minimum storage capacity of 250GB
- A minimum writing speed of 30MB/s
- A standard USB2.0 connection
- External power supply
- The external hard drive is plugged in tightly and has been recognized by the TV 


To start recording, follow these steps:

1. Empty the external hard drive

Make sure the hard drive is empty before plugging it into the TV. The TV will format the hard drive and all information stored on it will be lost.

2. Connect

Plug the hard drive in the USB port of the TV
• No other USB devices should be plugged in during this process

3. Format

Press the “Pause”-button on the remote control of the television and hold it for 5 seconds
• The TV will start formatting the hard drive

4. Perform a power cycle

Restart the TV as follows:
• Switch the television OFF
• Unplug the power cable of the TV
• Wait for at least one minute (after the LED light has switched off) before plugging the power cable in again
• Switch the TV back ON

5. Start recording

When the hard drive is formatted, an icon of the hard drive drive will show up in the TV’s home menu and in the programme guide.
• Recording is either possible by pressing the red button or by accessing the programme guide and selecting a programme to record
• Go to the list of recordings to change the end time

6. Schedule a recording

It is possible to schedule a recording up to 8 days in the future.
• Press the “TV Guide” button on the remote control of the TV.
• Select the channel and programme to be recorded
• It is possible to press the channel number in the channel list
• Press the left or right arrow keys to scroll through the programmes

Note: The broadcast provider is the owner of broadcasted and recorded programmes. The encrypted recordings cannot be copied or transferred. Recorded content is usually only available during a certain time-frame. Contact the provider for more information.

The information on this page applies to the following models: 50PUT8509/98 , 58PUT8509/98 , 65PUT8609/98 .

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