Daily Collection Coffee maker

With glass jug, Compact design (0.6L), Black HD7431/20


My Philips Coffee Maker is not working or turning on

If you find that your Philips Coffee Maker is not working or turning on, check out the solutions below. 

Check the power outlet

Ensure that your coffee maker is plugged properly into a live power outlet. If this is still not working, try another power outlet. 


Turn on the switch

For some Philips Coffee Maker models, there is a switch located on the back of the machine. Ensure that the switch is turned on before pushing the start button. 
Switch on Philips Coffee Maker

The information on this page applies to the following models: HD7431/20 , HD7434/20 , HD7447/20 , HD7457/20 , HD7450/00 , HD7450/20 , HD7692/90 , HD7466/70 . more less

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