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No picture after connecting my TV to Philips HTS

  • Check that all video cable connections are connected securely in place. Unplug and plug back the video connections to see if there is any video output from the Home Theater System.

  • If there is video output from the Home Theater System to the TV in the HDMI channel, please power down either the Home Theater System or TV, and power it up again

  • If there is still no video output from the HDMI connection, please perform the below recovery method to default HDMI video setting.
    In USB source (with no USB device connected), press left arrow on remote control navigation pad and press Zoom button on the remote control.

  • Check our Philips website for a software update on a possible fix to this issue

  • Check with our service centers if there is an update to the Home Theater System that will solve the issue if all the above steps do not get you the video output

The information on this page applies to the following models: HTS5120/51 .

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