Matchline widescreen flat TV

107cm (42"), plasma, HD Ready 42PF9966/98


How to connect PC through HDMI to Philips TV?

1) On the PC: Select a valid PC-format the TV can handle (640x480@60Hz ; 800x600@60Hz or 1024x768@60Hz) and the video formats (720p 1080i)

2) Turn the PC off

3) Use a DVI to HDMI connection cable to make a connection between DVI of the PC and the HDMI (1, 2) of the TV

4) Turn on the TV, press AV button on and select the correct HDMI external source input – check number (1, 2) of physical connector slot at the back of TV

5) Press menu button and select Source in the Setup menu:

  • Press the cursor right to enter the list of types of devices connected to the selected input
  • Select the accessory device with the cursor up/down

6) Put the PictureFormat in AutoFormat

7) Turn the PC on

8) The TV should show the PC-screen

The information on this page applies to the following models: 42PF9966/98 , 50PF9531/69 , 42PF9541/98 , 37PF9731/69 , 42PF9831/69 , 32PF9531/98 , 32PF9966/98 , 50PF9966/69 . more less

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