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How can I turn on the dual view on my Philips TV?

The dual view can only be turned on when the TV is connected to a computer through a VGA or HDMI connection.

Follow these steps to turn on the dual view:

  1. Select the VGA or HDMI input where the computer is connected.
  2. Press the 'OPTIONS' button on the remote control to access the options menu.
  3. Select DUAL VIEW and press the 'OK' button to confirm.
  4. A small window for the TV input appears on the upper-hand corner of the TV screen.
  5. You can change the TV channel using the channel buttons on the remote control.
  6. The TV reproduces the audio signal that is coming in through the ´PC AUDIO IN” connection.

How do I remove the small window from the TV screen?

  • There is no option to remove the small window from the TV screen and continue to watch the signal from the VGA or HDMI input
  • You can exit from the dual view by pressing 'OK' button to select the TV channel to be displayed as full screen
  • If you wish to return to the VGA or HDMI source, press the 'BACK' button on the remote control
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