widescreen flat TV

132 cm (52"), LCD, HD Ready 52PFL7432/98


How to switch on the Pixel Plus Demo function on my Philips TV?

Note: The Pixel Plus Demo function will only work in WIDESCREEN format and NOT in other screen format.

To display the Pixel Plus DEMO function, there are two possibilities:

Activate using the remote control

  • Press the [Blue] button on the remote control.

Activate using the TV menu

  1. Press the [Menu] button on the remote control to display the TV menu.

  2. Press the cursor [Up] or [Down] to select [Features] and press the cursor [Right].

  3. Press the cursor [Up] or [Down] to select [Demo] and press the cursor [Right].
    Note: The DEMO function is only available in the TV menu when the screen format is set to Widescreen mode.

  4. Select [ON] and press the [OK] button to confirm your setting.

  5. Press the [i+] button to exit the menu.

What is the purpose of the Pixel Plus Demo feature?

The demo mode enables you to demonstrate an image performance before and after enhancement to present clearly the effects of the Pixel Plus feature.

Note: What the demo mode shows is the built-in capability in the TV that enhances the image quality and it is not necessary to activate the demo mode to achieve it.

The information on this page applies to the following models: 52PFL7432/98 , 42PFL7432/98 , 32PFL7332/98 .

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