Philips LCD TV 37PFL5405H 94 cm (37") Full HD 1080p digital TV with Pixel Plus HD



How to change the menu language in my Philips TV if I do not understand it?

If you do not understand the language of the menu, you can use the following procedure to have it displayed in your preferred language.

Step 1-2

1) Press the Home button on the remote control to access the Home menu.

2) Use the Cursor buttons] to select Setup] and press the OK] button to confirm.

Step 3

3) Select TV settings and press the OK button.

Step 4-7

4) Press the cursor Down] to the fourth row menu item and press the cursor Right once.
5) Select the first row menu item and press the cursor Right once.
6) Press the cursor Up or Down to select the desired language and press the OK button to confirm.
7) Press the Back] button to exit the menu.

The information on this page applies to the following models: 37PFL5405H/12 , 42PFL5405H/12 .

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