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I cannot connect my Philips TV to an antenna

A combination antenna receives normal broadcast channels (VHF 2–13 and UHF 14–69). Your connection is easy because there is only one 75 Ω (ohm) antenna jack on the side of your TV, and that’s where the antenna goes.

  1. If your antenna has a round cable (75 ohm) on the end, then you’re ready to connect it to the LCD TV. If your antenna has flat, twin-lead wire (300 ohm), you first need to attach the antenna wires to the screws on a 300- to 75-ohm adapter(not supplied).

  2. Connect the antenna (or adapter) to one end of the supplied L-Adapter as shown, and connect the other end of
    the L-Adapter to the TV jack on the side of the LCD TV.

  3. Plug the DC adapter into the DC IN 16V jack on the LCD TV. Plug the power cable into an outlet and switch TV set on.

  4. Run the AUTO PROGRAM function to set up the TV for the broadcast or cable channels available in your area. If you do not run the auto program function to set up the channels, your television may not operate properly.

Remember, an antenna or cable TV signal must first be connected to your LCD TV.

Please make sure that you have selected the TV mode with AV / Source key on your remote control, before installing TV channels.

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