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How to perform an update of my Philips device via USB?

Note: Do not press any buttons or interrupt the household power supply during the upgrading process, or the HTS may become defective.

Note: Check to ensure that your USB storage device can be detected by the HTS before trying to upgrade the firmware using this method.

Note: Use a FLASH-based USB storage device (e.g. thumbdrive). The startup time for HDD-based USB storage devices is too slow and cannot be used for firmware upgrades.

Note: Ensure that there are no other files on your USB storage device. This may cause problems with the upgrade.

Make sure there is no disc in the tray before you perform the software upgrade.

  1. Download the latest firmware from the Philips support website (www.philips.com/support)
    If there is no firmware available for download, this means that the model you have already has the latest firmware.

  2. Extract the firmware upgrade files from the ZIP archive.

  3. Unzip the file and place the files on a USB flash storage device (at least 64 Mb in size).

  4. Turn the HTS on, and when it is running insert the USB flash storage device.

  5. Press 'USB' on the remote control

  6. A dialog will now appear - follow the instructions to update the software of your HTS.

Important: Please remember to delete the upgrade files from the USB before using it on the set again to prevent the set performing the upgrade a second time.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HTD5570/94 , HTB5510D/94 , HTD5540/94 , HTB5570D/94 , HTB5540D/94 , HTD5510/94 , HTS3564/94 , HTB5151K/51 , HTS2512/94 , HTS2511/94 , HTS3533/94 , HTS6543/94 , HTS6553/94 , HTS5520/94 , HTS2501/94 , HTS2500/98 , HTS2500/94 , HTS7140/51 , HTS7140/98 , HTS3511E/94 , HTS3510/94 , HTS9140/51 , HTS5530/94 , HTS9140/98 , HTS9520/51 , HTS9520/98 , HTS3220/98 , HTS5120/51 , HTS3520/94 , HTS5550/94 , HTS5540/94 , HTS3510E/94 , HTS3371/94 , HTS3571/94 , HTS7540/98 , HTS3181/94 , HTS7540/12 , HTS3373/98 , HTS3373/94 , HTS3181/98 , HTS7540/93 , HTS6120/98 , HTS3578W/98 , HTS3378/98 , HTS3371/98 , HTS3571/98 , HTS3568/98 , HTS3569/98 , HTS3265/98 , HTS3366/98 , HTS3565/98 . Show more product numbers Show less product numbers


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