Blu-ray Disc/ DVD player

DivX Plus HD, USB2.0 Media Link, DVD video upscaling BDP2900/94


BD-Live content takes long to load on my Philips player

When loading BD-Live content, it may take some time to download material from the Internet. The length of time depends on the file size and the speed of the internet connection.

The information on this page applies to the following models: BDP2900/94 , BDP2600/94 , BDP3200/94 , BDP5200/51 , BDP3100/94 , BDP2700/51 , BDP3080/98 , BDP7500B2/98 , BDP7500S2/98 , BDP5100/98 , BDP7500B2/51 , BDP3100/98 , BDP7500BL/98 , BDP7500BL/51 , HTS7540/98 , HTS8160B/51 , HTS7540/12 , BDP7500SL/98 , BDP3000/94 , HTS7540/93 , HTS7200/51 , BDP7500SL/51 , BDP3000/98 . more less

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