221E1HSB/75  LCD monitor with HDMI , Audio
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LCD monitor with HDMI , Audio


I have no picture on the display and the power LED lights up amber or yellow.

  1. Make sure the computer is switched on
  2. Check to see if the monitor cable has bent pins
  3. Make sure the signal cable is properly connected to your computer
  4. The energy saving feature may be activated

The information on this page applies to the following models: 221E1HSB/75 , 191EW9FB/94 , 160E1SB/94 , 220E1SB/94 , 230E1HSB/97 , 230C1HSB/69 , 220X1SW/00 , 190S9FB/00 , 170CW8FB/00 , 170S9FB/00 , 190EW9FB/00 , 170CW8FB/94 , 230WP7NS/00 , 190P6EG/00 , 190P6ES/00 , 190B6CB/00 , 170S5FS/00 , 170S5FG/00 , 190S5FS/00 . Show more product numbers Show less product numbers


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