LCD widescreen monitor

48cm/19" wide, WXGA 191EW9FB/94


Why does the AUTO button on my monitor not work properly?

  • The AUTO adjustment function is designed for use on Macintosh or IBM-compatible PCs running Microsoft Windows
  • The AUTO adjustment function may not work properly, if using a nonstandard PC or video card
  • The AUTO adjustment does not function when a digital input (DVI or HDMI) is used for display

The information on this page applies to the following models: 191EW9FB/94 , 160E1SB/94 , 220E1SB/94 , 230E1HSB/97 , 230C1HSB/69 , 220X1SW/00 , 190S9FB/00 , 170CW8FB/00 , 190SW9FB/97 , 170S9FB/00 , 190EW9FB/00 , 190V9FB/94 , 170CW8FB/94 , 230WP7NS/00 , 190P6EG/00 , 190P6ES/00 , 190B6CB/00 . more less

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