Philips Fidelio Fidelio Wireless Bluetooth® headphones M2BTBK High resolution audio On-ear Deluxe memory foam cushions NFC


Frequently Asked Questions

How long to charge Philips headphones before first use?

For optimal battery capacity and lifetime, it is good to charge the headphones for a longer time (longer time than the normal charging period) before first use:

First time charging

Refer to the table below for recommended charging time before using the headset for the first time:

Philips headphones - First time charging

The information on this page applies to the following models: M2BTBK/00 , SHB6017/28 , SHB6110/00 , SHB6000/28 , SHB7110/97 , SHB6110/97 , SHB9000/97 . more less

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