Bluetooth® mono headset

Earbud, Black SHB1100/97

Frequently Asked Questions

Should the Bluetooth version of my Philips headset and my phone match?

The version of Bluetooth does not need to match. For example, a headset on Bluetooth version BT2.0 +EDR can work with a mobile phone on Bluetooth version 1.2. The advanced features of the newer Bluetooth version might not work.

The headset and the phone must support the same profiles. For example, to stream music the headset and the phone must support A2DP.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SHB1100/97 , M2BTBK/00 , SHB1200/97 , SHB1500/97 , SHB1600/97 , SHB1700/97 , SHB6017/28 , SHB6000/28 . more less

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