Philips Blender HR2115/01 600W 2 L Plastic Jar with multi mill 5 speed and pulse



How to use the filter of my Philips blender

Place the filter in the blender jar, place the lid on the blender jar and put the ingredients into the filter through the opening in the lid. Add some liquid (water, milk, etc.), insert the measuring cup in the hole of the lid and switch the device on.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HR2115/01 , HL1645/00 , HL1643/06 , HL1654/28 , HR2094/00 , HL1631/00 , HL1632/00 , HL1631/02 , HL1659/28 , HL1651/28 , HL1631/01 . more less

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