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Extra large brush area, ThermoProtect technology, Keratin Ceramic coating BHH880/10


My Philips Hair Styler does not switch on

If you are having trouble turning on your Philips Hair Styler, please read our troubleshooting advice below to solve this issue.

Device is unplugged

Before turning on your hair styler, make sure it is connected to a working electric socket. To check if the electric socket is working, you can try plugging in a different device and see if it works.

Electricity voltage is unsuitable

Make sure that the voltage of the electric socket is suitable for your hair styler. To find out more information about which voltage is suitable for your device refer to your user manual.

The cord might be damaged

If your hair styler is still not turning on, it could be that its cord is damaged. In this case please contact us for further help.

The information on this page applies to the following models: BHH880/10 , BHH811/00 , BHS673/00 , HP8643/46 , HP8647/40 , HP8678/00 , HP8672/00 , BHS384/00 , HP8646/10 , HP8304/00 , BHH777/20 , HP8312/00 , HP8313/00 , HP8647/00 , BHH777/00 , HP8302/00 , HP8303/06 , HP8303/00 , HP8302/06 , HP8372/00 , HP8658/00 , HP8659/00 , HP8319/00 , HP8646/00 , HP8643/40 , HP8600/60 , HP8643/00 , HP8339/20 , HP8216/00 , HP4944/00 , HP8344/00 , HP8345/00 , HP8299/00 , HP8339/00 , HP8200/00 , HP4940/00 , HP8309/00 , HP4696/22 , HP4997/22 , HP8300/00 , HP8651/00 , HP8202/00 , HP8600/00 , HP4935/00 , HP4638/00 , HP4983/00 , HP4960/00 , HP4696/10 , HP4657/00 , HP4931/00 , HP4696/01 , HP4885/00 , HP4887/00 , HP4671/00 , HP4674/00 , HP4823/00 . more less

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