PowerPro Compact Bagless vacuum cleaner

1900 W, EPA 10 filter, 1, 5L, Turbo brush FC9352/01


My Philips Vacuum Cleaner produces an unusual sound

If your Philips Vacuum Cleaner produces an unusual sound, there might be a simple cause and solution. Discover how you can easily fix this yourself.

The airflow is obstructed

Please check if there is an object stuck in the nozzle, tube or hose.
Sometimes, the airflow in your Philips Vacuum Cleaner can be (partly) blocked by an object stuck in one of those parts of your device.

A different accessory has been used

When you use a different accessory than the usual one, you might notice your Philips Vacuum Cleaner produces a different noise. Check if the vacuum cleaner sounds normal again when you stop using the accessory you were using. If so, then do not worry about the noise, it is normal.

The suction power slider is open

You might notice that the suction power slider of your Philips Vacuum Cleaner is open. This causes an unusual sound coming from your Philips Vacuum Cleaner. In this case, you can close the slider to prevent the unusual sound.

The filters are blocked

If the filters of your Philips Vacuum Cleaner are blocked, it might produce an unusual sound. Please clean the filters.

The dust container is full

When the dust container is full after using your Philips Vacuum Cleaner for a long time period, this may cause the appliance producing an unusual sound. You can simply clean the dust container in order to solve this.

The motor is damaged

If the above situations do not apply to your case, then it could be that the motor of your Philips Vacuum Cleaner is damaged.
In this case, please contact us.

The information on this page applies to the following models: FC9352/01 , FC8474/02 , FC8444/02 , FC8085/01 , FC6141/01 , FC6146/01 , FC8088/81 , FC8198/01 , FC8208/01 , FC6130/01 , FC6132/02 , FC6048/02 , FC6049/01 , FC8348/01 , FC8208/02 , FC8344/01 . more less

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