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My Philips Coffee Maker is not strong enough

If you find that the coffee from your Philips Coffee Maker is not strong enough, follow the tips below on how you can fix this. 

Amount of ground coffee

The amount of ground coffee put in the filter influences the coffee strength. In general, 1 level coffee spoon is enough for 1 small cup of coffee. Depending on your strength preference, you can use less ground coffee for a milder taste and more ground coffee for a stronger taste.

Adjust the settings

For some Philips Coffee Maker models, you can adjust the coffee strength settings. Follow the steps below:
  1. Check if the bean container contains enough beans for the quantity of coffee you want to brew and make sure that the container selector is pointing to the right bean container.
  2. Adjust the coarseness. Select a finer coarse grind with the coarseness knob to get a stronger coffee.
  3. Push the strength button and turn the knob to select the desired coffee strength: mild (1 bean), medium (2 beans), or strong (3 beans).
  4. Adjust the amount of water in the tank. By selecting the number of cups, you determine the amount of coffee beans the grinder grinds.
  5. Ensure that the pre-ground function is not selected.
  6. When using pre-ground coffee, we advise you to:
    • For medium-strong coffee, use one measuring spoon (approximately 4-5 grams) for each cup (125ml). The strength select button and the coarseness knob do not work when you have selected the pre-ground coffee function. 2)
    • Increase the coffee strength by increasing the amount of pre-ground coffee, by decreasing the amount of water, or by using coffee of a stronger blend or flavor.
Philips Grind & Brew strength settings

The information on this page applies to the following models: HD7431/20 , HD7434/20 , HD7447/20 , HD7457/20 , HD7450/00 , HD7450/20 , HD7692/90 , HD7466/70 . more less

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