The most meaningful gift for life events

We love to take photos of family and friends, most often at special occasions, because memories are precious to us. But often after the party, the photos along with the memories are hidden away in a folder on the PC.

PhotoFrame2009s are a great way to share and keep memories alive. Philips PhotoFrame2009s look stunning, display brilliant picture quality and fit naturally into the home. Before you give away the PhotoFrame2009, pre-load your favourite collection of memories to give it that personal touch. The Perfect Gift for all occasions be it for a wedding, a new born or a house warming.

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Share anywhere

Our hero product, SPH8008, is designed with rechargeable battery so that you can simply pick up and share anywhere at home.

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Brilliant picture quality

It is important to relive your memories in the finest details. All Philips Digital PhotoFrame2009s come with innovative picture enhancement technology for briljant quality.

Experience life-like quality

A perfect gift for every occasion

The stylish new range of Philips Digital PhotoFrame2009s offers an exciting selection whether you are choosing a gift for Diwali, Raksha Bandhan, a wedding, a birthday, or simply a gift from the heart.

Brilliant picture quality

Precious memories really come alive thanks to Philips' top quality displays and unique picture enhacement features,
such as imagenPro and RadiantColor.

imagen Pro

This unique Philips picture enhancement technology will bring your photos alive. All Philips PhotoFrame2009s comes with this feature that will automatically optimize for best sharpness, clarity and colors while maintaining the most natural skin colors - so no more overly pale or red faces.


RadiantColor is another unique Philips technology that is used to enhance your viewing experience. While you are viewing a photo smaller than the screen, Radiant color will extend colors from the edge of the photo to the full screen of the frame. This will eliminate the unattractive black bars that will otherwise appear.

No black bars

Philips Green

Philips are fully committed to improving the environment through design innovation of our product portofolio. Our innovation starts from simple ideas such as less power consumption, to smaller packaging design for easier disassembly for recycling.

Look for the Philips Green Logo, the official emblem of significantly better environmental performance than competitors or predecessors.

Conserving Power with Smart Power Pro

With Smart Power Pro, the PhotoFrame2009 screen will automatically turn off once it senses the amibient light is off. In other words, once the PhotoFrame2009 senses that you have exited the room, the srceen turns itself off. You can also set an on/off timer.