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How can I improve the quality of the colors on my Philips TV screen?

Published on 2018-06-29
  1. Press the 'HOME' button to see the onscreen menu.

  2. When PICTURE menu is highlighted, press the 'VOL+ / RIGHT ARROW '** button to enter the PICTURE menu.

  3. Press the 'CH+' or 'CH-' button to choose the item you want to adjust: Smart Picture, Brightness, Color, Contrast, sharpness or Tint.

  4. Press the 'LEFT' or 'RIGH' Arrow button to adjust the item.

  5. Press the UP' or 'DOWN' Arrow button to select and adjust other picture controls.

  6. Press the 'HOME /BACK ' button repeatedly to remove the menu.

Explanation of adjustments:

  • Smart Picture: Whether you’re watching a movie or a video game, your LCD TV has video control preset that will match with your current program source or content. Smart Picture quickly resets your TV’s video controls for a number of different types of programs and viewing conditions that you may have in your home. The Movies, Sports, Weak Signal, Multimedia, and Night Smart Picture controls have been preset at the factory to easily adjust the TV’s brightness, color, picture, sharpness, tint, and color temperature levels. In the Personal smart picture mode you can create your own preferred video settings.
  • Brightness: Adjust to brighten the dark parts of the picture. This appears to add white to the color.
  • Color: Adjust to add or reduce color.
  • Contrast: Adjust to “sharpen” the Picture quality. The black portions of the picture become richer in darkness and the white become brighter.
  • Sharpness: Adjust to improve detail.
  • Tint: Adjust to obtain natural skin tones.

Note: Brightness, color, contrast, and sharpness can only be accessed when Smart Picture is set to PERSONAL.

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