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My Philips mixer grinder jar lid is leaking

If you notice your Philips Mixer Grinder jar is leaking, read on and find below possible causes and ways to solve this.

The gasket may be loose or not properly fitted

The gasket is the sealing rubber band you can find in the jar. If this rubber band is not properly fitted, this will cause a leakage.
To solve this:
  • Push it up to ensure that it fits snugly
  • Place the lid on the jar and switch on the appliance again
  • If the gasket is cracked, you will need to get it replaced

Too many ingredients

When the amount of ingredients exceed the recommended quantity, this can cause a leakage.

To solve this:
  • Check the ingredient quantity and ensure the jar is not filled more than the max mark
For more information on maximum capacity, please check the user manual.

If this has not solved the problem, please contact us.

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