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What cookware should I select for my Philips Induction Cooktop?

Published on 2021-11-25

We recommend using only standard cookware for induction cooktop and taking care of the following points.

Material type

You should use cookware made of ferrous metal such as made of steel, iron or aluminum with stainless steel cladding base.
You should not use non-compatible material cookware like aluminum (commonly available) or mixed material types because this type of cookware results in less heating, and it could also result in malfunctions that can lead to very frequent failures in your appliance.


Cookware bottom design and size

We recommend using cookware with a flat bottom and a base diameter larger than 12cm and smaller than 20cm.

Please note: the cookware should not be placed outside of the ring zone, as shown in the following image:

Avoid using oversized cookware

If you use any oversized cookware, this type of cookware transfers the heats to the edges of the appliance and over the time this will deform the product cabinet and switches. We recommend to strictly use cookware where the base remains within ring zone only.
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