25.9 cm/10.2" LCD, 16:9 frame ratio 10FF3CDW/00


How to remove the front frame of my Philips Photoframe?

You can easily remove the frame by applying gentle pressure under the frame. See picture below.

Removing the front frame of Philips Photoframe

The information on this page applies to the following models: 10FF3CDW/00 , 8FF3FPW/00 , 7FF3FPB/00 , 8FF3WMI/00 , 8FF3CME/00 , 7FF3FPW/00 , 8FF3FPB/00 , 10FF2CMI/00 , 7FF2M4/00 , 10FF2M4/00 , 10FF2CME/00 , 7FF2CWO/00 , 7FF2CMI/00 , 7FF2CME/00 , 10FF2CWO/00 , 10FF2XLE/00 , 5FF2CMI/00 , 7FF1AW/37 . more less

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