PerfectCare Aqua Steam generator iron

PerfectCare Aqua Steam generator iron

5 bar, 220 g steam boost, 2.2 L fixed watertank, Carry lock GC8635/02


My Philips iron is leaking from the Easy De-Calc knob

If your steam generator iron is leaking from the Easy De-calc knob, there might be some possible causes. Find out how here to resolve this.

The rinsing knob may not be tightened sufficiently or correctly

If the rinsing knob is not properly tightened, water leakage could occur.

In order to solve this, please switch off the power and ensure that the steam generator has cooled down sufficiently.

Then, tighten the knob and make sure it is correctly inserted.

If this can't be achieved (the knob is defective), then we recommend you to contact Philips Consumer Care for a solution.

Some water may have collected around the rinsing knob after filling

This water is converted into steam when the steam generator is hot. The steaming will stop after a few minutes when the water has dried up.

The information on this page applies to the following models: GC8635/02 .

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