PerfectCare Aqua Steam generator iron

5 bar, 220 g steam boost, 2.2 L fixed watertank, Carry lock GC8635/02


My Philips Steam Iron produces too much steam

When your Philips steam iron produces too much steam, please discover in the following lines how this works.

The iron’s steam setting is set to DynamIQ or Max

If your Philips Steam Iron comes with DynamIQ, this is its default setting. This setting will produce the right amount of steam automatically during movement of your Philips Steam Iron. If you want to have less steam, please switch to the ECO mode: this will allow you to iron using less steam.

When your Philips Steam Iron is set to Max steam, a powerful constant steam flow is produced continuously for stubborn creases. If you want to have less steam, please switch to the DynamiQ or ECO mode.

The ECO mode is off

Your Philips Steam Iron comes with OptimalTemp technology. This technology allows your Philips Steam Iron to provide a high steam output.

Switching to the ECO mode will allow you to iron with a lower steam output.

The Ironing Board has too much steam

If you are using your Philips Steam Iron with Philips Ironing Board, you might also experience that there is too much steam coming from your Philips Steam Iron. This happens due to the unique technology of your Philips Ironing Board that prevents condensed steam from dripping on the floor.

If you have long ironing sessions, your Philips Ironing Board may have too much steam. In this case, you can break your ironing session into short intervals to prevent your Philips Ironing Board have too much steam.

Note: You can use the protective glove, if provided, with your Philips Steam Iron, in order to protect your hand from the hot steam.

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The information on this page applies to the following models: GC8635/02 , GC8220/02 .

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