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How can I clean the soleplate of my Philips Steam/Dry Iron?

Published on 17 February 2023
When the soleplate of your Philips Steam Iron, Dry Iron, or Steam Generator has a stain or fabric stuck to it, find out how to simply clean it in our article below.

Instructions to clean the soleplate of your iron

If you want to clean the soleplate of your iron, please use the cleaning stick GC012 and follow the cleaning instructions below:
  1. Set the iron’s temperature to between “1 dot” and “2 dots” (if your iron belongs to the PerfectCare range, you can skip this step).
  2. Unplug the iron and place it on its heel with a piece of rag cotton cloth underneath.
  3. Apply the cleaning stick over the dirty area once or twice.
  4. Wipe the dirty area and liquid from the soleplate with the piece of cotton cloth.
  5. (If you have a dry iron skip this step) Clean off the remaining wax in the steam vents with a cotton bud and by steam ironing over the rag cloth.

Please Note
  • The soleplate is hot, please do not touch it with bare hands.
  • During cleaning, some fumes will be emitted from the melted cleaning stick material.
  • Do not ingest the cleaning stick.
  • Keep the cleaning stick away from children.
Cleaning the soleplate of your Philips Iron

The information on this page applies to the following models: GC3925/34 , GC1010/01 , GC3920/24 , GC3811/80 , GC2048/30 , GC1920/28 , GC1905/21 , GC1903/21 , GC1028/20 , GC1026/30 , GC1022/40 , GC1015/70 , GC1434/20 , GC2145/20 , GC1440/20 , GC3920/26 , GC2996/20 , GC2990/26 , GC1424/40 , GC1426/36 , GC8635/02 , GC1920/29 , GC4912/30 , GC2040/70 , GC4865/02 , GC3720/02 , GC1980/28 , GC1930/28 , GC1960/28 , GC2820/02 , GC3620/27 , GC1710/02 , GC2520/02 , GC3330/02 , GC4420/02 , GC1830/02 , GC650/02 , GC8220/02 , GC2840/02 , GC3721/02 , GC1610/22 , GC1621/22 , GC1015/01 , GC1115/02 . Click here to show more product numbers Click here to show less product numbers

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