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Where can I find my model number and slash code (Example: HX9352/10)?
Find my product number
Where can I find my product number?

Find nearest Philips repair service

Visit our Philips Service Centers if you need help on your Household, Mother and Child Care and Personal Care products. Philips products are handled by specialized services for each category.

When visiting Philips Service Centers, please make sure to bring along the below:


1. Proof of purchase (Receipt/Tax Invoice)

2. Philips product (Including accessories)

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Change search radius

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Frequently asked questions

1. My product isn’t working- Can I have it repaired? Is my product covered by a warranty?

In many cases when a product doesn’t perform as you would expect, the problem can be resolved at home through basic troubleshooting.

If the product does not perform after following the FAQs & troubleshooting steps .

2. How long is the warranty on my product?

Philips warranties are usually between 12 and 24 months depending on the product you own.


To find the exact warranty period for your product and the relevant terms and conditions, please check our warranty documents by the following this link.

3. What are the Service Charges for out of warranty product?
4. Where can I find product information?

Information on our current product range can easily be found in the Products section of the Philips website.


(1)You can locate your product by browsing the product catalogue  or by entering the model number or name of your product into our search engine .

5. Where can I purchase spare parts and accessories for my product?

A wide range of spare parts and accessories is available from our Online Shop.please check our spare availablity by the following this link.


If you cannot find the part you are looking for in Philips online shop,Kindly contact with our consumer support team by the following this link.

6. I moved to abroad, how can I claim the warranty here?

Products & services may vary from country to country, please contact your local Consumer Care team to ensure we can provide the best possible service.


To find out how to contact your local Consumer Care team please use this link, choose your country then select Support / Contact.


Country/language can be selected in footer section.

7. I am outside of India, how can I avail service?

Products & services may vary from country to country, please contact your local Consumer Care team to ensure we can provide the best possible service.


To find out how to contact your local Consumer Care team please use this link, choose your country then select Support / Contact.


Country/language can be selected in footer section.

8. Where are the model & serial numbers of my product?

Your product model number and serial number mentioned on the backside of your products, 

Model number start with 2 Alphabetes and 4 numeric digits. And serial number is 4 numeric digits.

9. When can I contact consumer support?

Monday to Saturday 09:00 am to 09:00 pm

Sunday 09:00 am to 06:00 pm

Excluding National Holidays

To contact with our consumer support team by the following this link.

10. How can I find an authorized Philips service center?

You may visit our Philips authorized  service center by the following this link.

11. How can I check the product genuity?

There is bar code available on product box. You may  Scan bar code through Bar code scanner Apps (Android & IOS).


For detailed information you may visit our authorized service center by the following this link.

12. How can I claim the warranty of my product?

You may claim the Philips products warranty on the behalf of product invoice/bill and warranty card.

13. How can I register the product for an extended warranty?

In order to get an extended warranty for the product you have to register the product within 90 days of date of purchase for warranty extension via laptop/desktop. Steps for warranty extension are as under: 

1. Go to myphilips or click on the user icon on the top right corner.

2. Fill in all required information and click on 'Create Account'

3. Go to your inbox and verify the email by clicking on the activation link

NOTE: Your MyPhilips account is now active. Go to the next section to register your product.

1. Register product

2. Login by using your credentials

3. Click on “Register product” (right next to your name)

4. Select your product using the search bar or navigator 

5. Serial number of trimmer is mentioned on backside of the trimmer (4 digit/ Alphabet), only digits need to fill.

6. Fill all the details and also click on check box on promotional communication to get warranty extended details.

7. Select ‘Register’

Kindly keep the confirmation mail with you along with proof of purchase.

14. How can I avail 50% discount coupon on an extra blade purchase for one blade trimmer?

Kindly follow some steps to get 50% discount coupon code.

1. Sign up in given link and you will receive coupon code in next 1 hour.

2. Click on this link to visit the blade pack page.

3. After receiving the code, you can visit our spare sale website as link is given below and apply the code for next purchase of replacement blade.


15. What are the terms of Free Home Service for Household products?

1. Free Home Service is applicable only on the products purchased in India and are under warranty period.

2. Free Home Service is available within the municipal limits of majority of the Pin codes. However, the service may not be available in few locations due to its remoteness and technical feasibility. To check the availability of the services for your location, kindly contact our service center at 1800 257 1800 (Toll Free) 

3. For additional warranty on certain components, additional years of free home service will be applicable for the respective component issues only.

4. Company shall not be liable or deemed to be in default for any delay or failure in performance resulting directly or indirectly from causes beyond its reasonable control including delay in servicing due to strikes, labour problems, restriction, or regulation of the government specially.

5. Company reserves the right at any time to amend / add / remove / modify (in whole or part) any of the Terms & Conditions and its decision in this regard shall be final.

6. All decisions of company regarding the Free Home Service shall be final and binding. Any dispute, difference, proceedings or claim of any nature in connection with this Offer shall be subject the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Gurgaon (Haryana). 

7. Default Warranty Period: 12 months for Induction Cooktop. 24 Months for rest of Domestic Appliances. There is No Warranty on Air Purifier Filters & Consumable Parts.

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